Friday, March 4, 2011

Chris "laaaahd 'ah mercy' Collins

Chris Collins can be a man of very few words. Usually happiest sitting in the back corner and observing rather than being at the center of attention, he's always thinking....He really truly is one of the style masters when it comes to building bikes for me. He has more knowledge than most when it comes to motorcycles, but doesn't flaunt it or really even want to talk about it. Unless you get to know him.

Lately, he has sort of disappeared off the blogosphere with his lack of postings, but his site still has one of my favorite blogrolls out there so I'm constantly on there clicking his links. Check out his Natty Dread Blog here at 70moto.

One of my favorite things about Chris when it comes to bikes is his personal philosophy that his bike is "never done". We have a unique crew of characters that we would hang with in socal and sure enough, Chris was always thinking about what was next for his Panhead. In the time I've known him, the bike has taken on at least 3-4 incarnations and I just got an email from him saying he was already thinking about what was next.

His bike was also the first foot clutch, hand shift bike I've ridden. He just said, you need to just ride it to learn how to use it. BUT I had to kick start it first. Did that, then struggled my way through the gears and onto the roads. It was fun. First time riding without a front brake, first time riding with this shifting, and first time riding with mid pegs so high, my legs barely bent far enough to get on them. He wasn't worried about me, he wasn't worried about the bike. He gladly let me take it away from him.

He was probably thinking about how the bike looked.....and thinking about what was next for it.

(for the record, he's not rastafarian.....but I fully support everyone assuming he is and telling him that he is until he cuts his hair)

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