Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loisaida Blues

This was an action packed weekend with some iPhone pictures to prove it. Finally I'll have some postings this week.

Finished off with a nice ride over to Freeman's Barber Shop on Rivington to get my fade and neck line cleaned up.
Dustin told me about this place, and while my first experience gave me hives due to the faux hipster NYC attitude, I've really come to like my buddy Miles there and it turns out the people are actually nice. Just intimidating in a 'you know they are gonna talk shit about me the second I leave this place' sort of way. Moral of the story, if you need advice of where to go in order to be/look/feel fancy, ask Dustin.

Met up with Malcolm who was also on the Lower East Side. While he was on a mission to determine the age old question, "are those leggings or jeans she is wearing???", he still had time to meet up for a second or 3,600. We headed over to Self Edge and ran into Allan Abillar who graciously gave us a tour of the basement of the shop and a history lesson in the art of chainstitching. Check it out here. Be careful when you hang out with Malcolm though....he's always listening. Even when it seems he is only talking about himself...

Oh, and finally got the bike into 5th gear on the manhattan bridge.

Stay tuned for some pics from the new and improved Kickstart Cycle Supply shop and some info about his fundraiser t-shirts that are benefitting the people of Japan. Pics to come tomorrow. yes!!!!!!

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