Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeff Comp


This past weekend brought me back to the old middle school and high school stomping grounds. Back to a place where I played more games of one on one basketball than my high top Jordans could handle. There was one summer that I worked with Chris and went to the gym with Chris and played basketball with Chris EVERYDAY. It got to the point where we actually stopped talking for about a week because we were so sick of each other. that is true friendship.

Chris's dad was always into bikes. Harleys in specific. It always seemed weird yet really enticing whenever he rolled up on his old favorite that he named 'Elvis', with his tiny helmet and cigar still lit. But we still never really paid much attention to it all. That was HIS thing.

Fast forward 14 years out of high school and Chris has told his dad about me being into bikes and told him about the blog, yadda, yadda. Jeff (chris's dad) and I got in touch in trying to figure out Chris's bachelor party and we started talking bikes, it was pretty nice to connect to someone you've known for a long time, but really didn't have that full connection with because, well, i was a kid back in the day....

Last week Jeff emailed me that he was getting rid of some old biker mags, mostly old Easy Riders and wanted to know if I wanted them. I of course said yes and on saturday, I headed over to his house to say hi, catch up, talk about riding, grab some fun little parts and a stainless spoke kit for a start hub and the milk crate of weird/awesome/amazing magazines. Here are some pictures from the hour or so.

Jeff built this shed behind their house while we were in college. After Chris returned home from teaching in China, he lived on the top floor.


once again, its amazing how something as stupid as these two wheel contraptions can bring people together.

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