Wednesday, February 29, 2012

break it.....Down!

well, not really, but tearing it down, yes.  Little by little to finish all of the things that I never got to when the bike was built in the week before last year's Born Free.

The lift in the shop was occupied by another bike, so I worked in my 'slice of heaven' spot for the evening.  awesome start.  Nothing like NOT having a table to lay out your tools on or a proper amount of space to look at the mess you're making.

Either way, the puzzle was solved.  The little "oh, we'll just use a hex here and an allen there" things were reminded of as I was trying to get the rear fender off.  It only required the following:
Sissy Bar removal
which required the rear axle removal
which required the exhaust removal
which then resulted in removing the rear wheel to get to the front mount
then, some light re-assembly

well, tins were dropped off with Bob Dakota for some sanding and new clear coating to protect them from their 30+ years of age.

Next up: lots.

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