Monday, February 27, 2012


Chris had been looking for a frame for his '56 Pan Shovel project for some time, and then all of a sudden, he seemed to be coming up on one, two, three, four leads...Ain't it always the way?

He wound up picking up this frame below from Ken, his trusty motor builder and there wasn't much known about its history, "maybe raked a few degrees if any....some molding on the neck, seat post tube area, and the sidecar loops have been cut off and the castings there have also been molded in....but it looks pretty straight"

the ugly duckling as it sat when it got home.

hoping for the best, he brought out the torch and started melting the lead out of the neck molded area.  yep, stuff drips right off and out.  Then he used his grinder to get to the edge of the molded metal around the neck casting and peeled it back.  Lo and behold, this is what was underneath.  yep, perfect untouched casting and that's the fork lock, STILL INTACT.

next, up, cut off and clean up the seat area.

and then Fred came along and offered up some help as well.

Chris wanted an original straight leg frame.  And he knew it would be a tall order being that they were made for rigids from 54-57, so it was a bit of a tall order.  But, man, he did it.  Frame is stamped '54.  motor is a '56.  yep, patience, elbow grease and knowing what you want will work out.  sometimes.

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