Thursday, February 2, 2012


Anyway, I saw this new limited edition release from Bell&Ross and its mighty fine.  I will always love the BR 01-92.  One day I'd love to get one, but I'll never drop the $5,000 on it.  I've had knock-offs, but couldn't wear them.  

This version is limited to 999 pieces and once they are sold, they are gone.  So if you are a watchismo, pick it up!

Seeing it reminded me of one of the watches we made when I was at Nixon, the Murf, and now they have the Rubber Murf!.  The idea behind the Murf was to be a follow up to the ever popular Rotolog.  How do you follow that watch up?!?   I think we did a pretty good job, not perfect in achieving this goal, but the features and the fact that you can actually read the time, made it a bit more functional.

I love watches.  Always have, always will.  The problem with once working for a watch company is that once you've "seen it all" it becomes hard to get excited about new watches.  Nothing changes, its all recycled styling with someone's small tweak.  And I'm cool with that.  I'm not exactly a classic watch guy either, though, so I doubt you'll find me dropping $15,000 on the Breitling that I really love.  I'm happy with a $100-$500 watch that says something about me.

and yes, I would consider working for another watch company one day...or at least helping out with the new line at my current place of employment, hmmm......you think?

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