Friday, October 7, 2011

random living in NYC

posts have been too far few in between. It has been a busy busy week at work, but all of this non-posting has given me time to think about things that I want to post. For now though, here are some random pictures I've taken around the city in the last week.

head to head iPad gaming action. No this is not a tricky subway mirror. check the shoes. (also note the dude stuck in the corner behind them. he was probably tweeting the same picture)

picked up some new ground coffee from eataly. My goal is to try all of their drip varieties to figure out which will be my jam...shouldn't be hard at the rate I drink the liquid gold.

I'm hardly religious in the traditional sense, and definitely not a baptist, but I liked this saying. Maybe replace religion with the word LIFE. you gotta love living.

tank badge from walter's shop.

well, the Yankees bats may have been sleeping, but Coors Light definitely made some great new pint glasses at least.

plenty more to come. I should be heading to Montauk this weekend. Weather is looking great. Need to fix the exhaust on the shovel yet again before leaving tomorrow morning, but also need to head to the burbs tonight.

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