Tuesday, October 18, 2011

do it in the dirt

Experienced a great pain in the knee on Saturday when Kim's high(ish) compression panhead kicker gear slipped as I was trying to start it. Yes, this is more of my fault than the bikes, as I didn't make sure it was fully engaged before putting 180 lbs of force straight down into an over etended knee, but I'll still blame it on the bike!

Either way we had a good time catching up and working on the pan shape for Maximum Bob's custom seat. check out a few photos over here at Kim's blog.

That night, I had dinner with Leigh Anne and her mom and then went back over to Kim's to watch the 2nd and 3rd motos in the big Million Dollar Supercross race. Wound up staying out late and got a text from Chris that we would be heading out early on Sunday to Barona for some dirtbike action of our own.

all loaded up

Aidan getting the hang of shifting from 1st to 2nd. (crazy iphone HDR processing effect)

Chris hopped on with Riley to get him comfy as well. (same iphone error....i mean...)

self portrait with the pro track in the background. yeah....I'm not quite comfy there yet...

Everyone rode in the morning. We took turns on the 450 and Duke geared up and shared Riley's bike for a few laps as well.
eventually a little after noon, we loaded back up and headed home. This is their Sunday family day....as I told Chris, Duke is a keeper.

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