Tuesday, September 20, 2011

photos for the future and from the show

On Sunday I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with Michael Schmidt to have him take some pictures and shoot film of the shovelhead. He used to see it as a pile of parts back in california when he was filming/shooting Kim for his sportster build, and now got to see a complete motorcycle. We took a few laps over the bridges between Brooklyn and Manhattan and then found a great little wall to shoot the stills in front of on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn.

We were losing the light very quickly so hopefully the pictures come out as planned. Let's just say we had a ton of fun with everything from locations to wardrobe...photos to be featured in an upcoming issue of Dice Magazine.

Go ahead and check out Michael's work here.

back to the invitational:
since I only carried my iphone, AND more importantly, there were people with nice cameras at the show, I didn't really take many pictures. Here's a few links to some great pictures of the bikes that were at the Brooklyn Invintational:

again, it was a great weekend. Great to catch up with friends from southern california. Great to see Walter and the rest of the Kickstart crew and great to hang with the NYC/Brooklyn crew of supportive dudes and dudettes.

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BCM said...

I can not wait to see these!