Monday, September 12, 2011

gyspy run - fail for me

shovel ran shitty last week. Wouldn't start after last weekend. And the goal was to stay awake all night Friday in order to catch up with the crew for the Gypsy Run. Needless to say, I didn't make it. Very disappointing. Its a terrible feeling when the plan you had falls apart so quickly and the solution comes together so slowly.

so here's what went down:

New Points
Condenser failed so new condenser
Adjust timing plate
2 sets of new plugs - 1 set fouled within 5 minutes of installing
Re-jetted super E - main jet from 72 to 68
Oil Change from 50 to 60 wt.
Brass on/off valve to make up for failed petcock
Around 15 lbs of sweat loss

amidst the frustration, stopped over by Keino's shop to bother him and ask about my slipping clutch/kicker and pick up some tweaky knobs.

tons and tons of kicking went down this weekend in between good amounts of reading. Now my neck is really sore, maybe from riding on the BQE? Either way, I can't turn my head in any direction.

BUT, the bike is running.


Chris said...

Great job!

CPB said...

HOLY POOP! K-NO makes the bizness happen!!! I'm jealous.

P.S. I'll be in NYC the 27-29th of SEP. Can we meet up? You still owe me a hug from BFIII.

I miss your scent...