Friday, July 22, 2011

nights in Hoboken

when we first arrived in Antwerp, I was surprised to see the trolley coming towards me with a Hoboken sign in the front window. It was like a case of deja vu. Did I just arrive back at Newark? where the hell am I?

But no, Hoboken is an area in the south part of Antwerp. So naturally since I've had some great nights in Hoboken whether it was going to shows at Maxwell's, going out to dinner/bars, or even just hanging out when my brother used to live there, I had to go check it out in Antwerp as well.

It was totally different. There isn't a ton of information but here's wikipedia's page about this little subdivision.

But it did remind me that I need to get back over there soon. With the Syndicate being right in Weehawken, I really should be making it over there more after work. And then also go down the shore for some surfing and beaching before jellyfish season kicks in.

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