Monday, July 25, 2011

heat wave(s)

the 5'10" fish has been getting plenty of love here on the east coast. This board loves the quick beach break waves like none other....it's definitely still weird grabbing the boards from inside the apartment, down the stairs and out onto the city streets, but I'm getting used to it. especially without hitting the walls in the stairwells or the spring loaded front door to the building.

While it was a bummer to give up the opportunity to see Daniel Tosh at the Borgata on Saturday night, it just wasn't the right weekend to head to Atlantic City. Especially when this is what awaits a mere 15 miles away from my home in BK.

after spending 3+ hours in the water, Jose and I headed over to Rockaway Taco to enjoy the best thing that you can do after surfing!

great seating arrangements.

first course, fish tacos, baja style. superb.

up next, carne tacos with guacamole. these were just OK. not carne ASADA. not as good as the fish option.

getting down on some tacos.

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