Tuesday, July 19, 2011


sometimes the clouds look like ________ (mad libs)

couldn't believe that Easy Rider was a movie option on my on-demand, but it was....YES!

Mark Drews sighting on a magazine here in Belgium

you know, just the outside of the train station

oh, and the inside. they did such a great job of making everything look really old. They must have hired some REALLY good hollywood set designers here.

For lunch i wanted something Grilled Cheese-esque. I ordered from the section that had Croque Monsieurs. I ordered the one called Americain Cannibal. I thought it would be ham and cheese. Instead the picture below is what came out. Raw beef spread on bread with the sides like a lox and bagel situation. Yes, I ate it all. No, I'm not sick yet.

oh, and some beer.


Texas said...

for ham & cheese you gotta order the Croque Madame.. oh yeah!

theoldepro said...

man....yeah, i blew it. luckily I didn't get sick. ma' bad. next time, its the croque madame...