Wednesday, July 20, 2011


just going to start with a side note: for some reason, I can't get Skulls out of my head....was singing it in my head all night tonight. so go ahead and listen to it as well.

great day all around in antwerp today. started off meeting our diamond subsidiary folks and watching rough diamonds getting graded, measured, cut (sawed), shaped, polished and finished. unbelievable stuff. Just knowing that half of the carat weight is unused, removed, or polished away to get to that final little sparkler makes the experience of working with them that much greater. you should definitely go and buy yourself some. after that, went to visit a vendor that uses technology in a way that is pretty new in the jewelry business and had a very productive meeting talking about CNC machines, CAD/CAM, and mostly robots.
Did you know that Robots don't get holidays? I know that now.

after work, ran into this little 70's Zundapp on the sidewalk. I tried asking who the owner was in my broken french/belgian/german-ish (aka English), but I was unsuccessful.

walked past a thrift shop that was closed and saw these beauties in the window. I'm such a sucker for Eames chairs. I still miss the blue set of side chairs. But I don't miss the cat hair that burrowed its way into them.

oh and some Saarinen sneaking in the background? yes please.

an unexpected view of the Cathedral

we found a great little underground spot for dinner. place was definitely dungeon-y. All the food was cooked on a wood burning stove that was fully exposed. Not only was my beef cooked this time around, I still smell like it. *oh and I think this restaurant reminded me of the song London Dungeon by the Misfits which THEN made me think of Skulls......

and finished up the day with a bunch of these.

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