Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Strippers and Trannys

just regular shop talk, that's all.

good day today. shovel is on the big boy lift. time to kick it into high gear. It looks like I'll have around 5.5 or 6" of ground clearance at the rear of the frame with the wheel/tire and frame setup which I'm stoked about. On an annoying note I have a nice fork oil leak that probably isn't going away, which is awesome, but dealable for now.

oh and Chris, I poached a set of Gentleman's bars.

speaking of strippers and trannys though, my cowpie tranny was graced in the late 70's/early 80's period correct aftermarket wrinkle black spray coating. AND way too thick as always!

So, after dumping some gel marine type paint stripper on there and waiting for about 15 minutes time had some to break out the wire brush and get that shit off.

and after 2 hours of scrubbing, then breaking out Kim's drill and wire brush wheels and abrasive wheels, it was back to being silver in all of its cast glory.

right side and mounted up in the frame.

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Chris said...

Lookin Great!!!! Engine ready? Fender, tank and seat ready?