Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hideaway Ride, Chicken Tacos, Nachos

Made the time for a great little north county gem of a ride. Everyone in north county has ridden out to Hernandez Hideaway, but all the different routes you can take make it so fun. My personal favorite is to head out through Elfin Forest on the way out and then Del Dios on the way back.

Here's Carter on his newly finished and amazing TW200. His giantness covers the entire engine and any mechanical parts of the bike. Which I love! I don't care that this bike is only a 200.....in the twisties, there is no keeping up with him.

Dawley is also a champ when it comes to riding. Always claiming that his "Firestones sketch him out at speed", its hard to keep up with his tempo. "Don't mind me, I'll probably be riding slow after these margaritas...." right......

the road entering into Elfin Forest

super radical

arrivee le Lake Hodges

hauling ass down Del Dios Highway on the way home after some great eats at Hernandez Hideaway. I can proudly recommend the chicken tacos, nachos grande and their margaritas.

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