Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urban Assault Street Tracker

new paint job. new Brooks Imperial. new Fizik bartape. old everything else.
was just a pile of parts that looked at me in disgust last week. now I can get back to riding it around town.

I need to take a few links out of the chain and straighten out the front derailleur and it will be good to go. Its been a while since I've been on the road bike and the geometry was a bit squirrely at first. Might have to swoop up a set of cyclocross tires for it to take the beating that it is about to embark on.

After a few coats of clear after my scummy sharpie logos, I can say that they are on there for good. Or at least until anything bigger than a bicycle takes it out.


Chris said...

holler if you need a to add to your peloton. I'll let you pull for me.

LandMan said...

you can join anytime. we ride at a cadence around 100-110 at an average speed of 19 mph.....just bring your A game.