Friday, July 30, 2010

NEW SEAT and FENDER....ready for a beer or 6

I often get requests for just a regular side shot of the bike, not on a slant or 3/4 view or all photoshopped, so here it goes. with the new seat and re-trimmed and painted fender.
(I actually never get these requests....but I figured I would post some pictures that I took in front of my garage door anyway)

Overall I'm happy with the seat. I now know that I can hand hammer out a seat pan to my liking, weld on some t-nuts and a front mounting tab, pick the desired padding and bring it to an upholsterer to make my dream a reality. A good learning process indeed.

shiny fender....ahhhhhh

I'll post more pictures of the seat itself soon, but I just wanted to get it all mounted up so I could go for a ride. Unfortunately, the new seat led me to wanting to change the shape of my rear fender to be a bit more motocross inspired (like my old sporty's rear fender). I started with the rear I was using and just trimmed some material away.

Then I got into painting it and did it sort of right. sanded the surface super smooth, painted it black, did around 7 or 8 coats of clear, wetsanded till she was smooth again, used polishing compound and then waxed its ass.......


Chris said...

Looks great!

nick said...

bike looks rad Matt. that seat is the shit, as well as the fender. nice work man

LandMan said...

thanks dudes. I appreciate the comments!

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