Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snowboard Videos

...are one of the things I miss about my last job. Right about now, my mail box at the office would be filling up with this year's offerings from the snow heavens in order to keep my stoke lit up in SoCal. There's nothing like getting a new video, grabbing some beers and the bros and a few ladies and watching a new video with a small little screening in the conference room after hours (or sometimes during the middle of the day).

SO......if any of you out there have some extra copies of the new videos, feel free to 'donate' them to the Videos for LandMan fundraiser and you can even use this handy address:

137 Valencia Drive
Vista, CA 92083

anyone who actually sends one will be rewarded with a nice free gift back. of my choosing.


pee pee said...


TRJJ said...

Ill drop a few in the mail tomorrow fo ya!

LandMan said...

word up Jeremy.....thank you. I appreciate it! I'll be putting together your thank you gift.

Stone said...

I, too, am lacking in the free proddie department.
But I've got some "Home Videos" that you might be interested in?