Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rhode Island for the weekend

This past weekend, Leigh Anne and I headed back to good old Rhode Island for our great friends' Dave and Ashley's wedding. After the ceremony, we decided to do a Slatch haus reunion photo with Ashley in the photo. Dave, the one with the red beard, was ecstatic all day and I'm pretty sure I've never seen him this happy.

The Slatch Haus was the house we lived in during our later years of college and into our first years of 'professional' life. It was a brand new house in a really nice neighborhood when we moved in and by the time we moved out, it was a house with the wood floors ruined, cabinets ripped off the walls and holes in the sheetrock throughout in a worse off than before neighborhood. Its very rare that you can take a picture like this and realize all of us look better NOW than we did back then. Probably due to all the excess drinking and hotdog eating back then.

One day, Jon B will open up the slatch.com archives to make the coffee table book that should have existed 5 years ago.

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