Monday, March 16, 2009

tuesday in taiwan

So tons of stuff has gone down. lots of late meetings still, tons of moving around, but most importantly, getting updates from factories that my products are coming to life. Nothing makes a product guy happier than watching lines on paper become 3-Dimensional objects you can hold and turn around and feel. (of course, the first round versions of these are nothing like what you had imagined, but its a start)

this week is crunch week, tons of me 'babysitting
' the vendors and making sure they are running around like madmen to their subvendors so I can hand carry as much shit as possible home with me next week.

there's a super weird thing in China called KTV. these places have all different styles of entertainment, but usually the big thing is going into a room with your group of people, drinking small (endlessly poured) glasses of beer and singing karaoke. the super weird and uncomfortable part is that they just send in women who you are supposed to pick to pour your beer and sit next to you and its SUPER AWKWARD for me. I know there are plenty of old man American business guys who love this attention and style, but its not for me. I hate that shit. Let me repeat, I fucking hate that shit to hell. So usually when put in these situations, I just grab the karaoke mic and start singing until I can't sing anymore. I'll sing English, Spanish, even some songs in chinese to avoid dealing with the weirdos in these places. I sing and drink and then get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

Eventually I would love to do a documentary on these KTV places and expose what they are really about. It seems that the hotels make more money from their working "KTV Girls" than from the hotel rooms.

For the time being though, here are a few iphone pics from my escapades:

welcome to the Taipei Airport. that is not actually a human, but is human sized

Sean is an awesome designer at one of our factories in china, he has worked with Puma and Alexander McQueen on some pretty rad products. Also a great dancer.

me, doing what I do in China KTV's from beginning to end. sing, sing and more singing. I'm not shy to the mic.

some dude, who crashed our party and drank way too much. passed out and they had to take him out in a wheelchair. awesome end to the night.

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