Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bye bye bicycle

sad news, had to send the BMC away. Technically, it was only a loaner and I knew that from the beginning, but when it was left with me, there was that twinkle in the distributor's eye that said, "yeah, I'll let you know IF we need it back...."

well, they needed it for a demo in a shop in Hollywood, so I had Tim help me out in disassembling it and packing it into its nice box, adding some small messages in hidden places on the frame, and moral support as I cried.

Hopefully, with some luck, it will reappear here, or maybe a different BMC road bike will appear, but man, purchasing one of these bad boys is just not an option!

BUT, there is a mountain bike on the horizon so that will be good. After exploring some good trails, single tracks and downhills in the Vista/Carlsbad area this past weekend, I could get into some good trouble this upcoming summer. Just need some body armor.....

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