Monday, March 9, 2009

down to china(town)

ok, I stole that one from a text message from Rob, but still I'm sticking with it. (hey bud, time to update that website with the designs we worked on during the holidays...)

Yep, back in China. Flew out on a different route this time and it worked out pretty well. Instead of taking the usual United flight at around noon from SFO, I decided to book my ticket directly through Singapore Airlines, and boy am I glad I did. Its a midnight flight out of SFO, so you just fall asleep once you're on the plane (and with the ambien, you fall harder asleep), and then wake up hours later when you're landing at 6:30am a day and a half later in HK.

Its a star alliance partner, so I still accrue miles towards my frequent flyer status as well.

I got off the plane, hopped a ferry to mainland China, worked all day and now I'm back in the hotel about to go to sleep.

the cool thing about Singapore is that every seat has its own 10" TV with ondemand movies, tv (shoes; correction) shows, music, etc. On the way out I watched the new 007, Slumdog MIllionaire, and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. All pretty good I must say although there was no real infinite playlist in the latter movie....

I think this routing kills the potential for first day jet lag, but we'll see if that doesn't catch up to me in a day or two....

Pictures to come, just too tired to post them right now.


Dustin Ortiz said...

I never thought this day would come; where i get to correct your spelling!
its TV Shows not TV shoes.

Just cuz your in China, probably not sleeping doesn't mean you can slack on spelling.

love your guts

zbruns said...

I love kittehs!