Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pangea Speed *new* Streamliner Bars

Received a nice little package from Andy over at Pangea Speed and decided it was time to mount up these beautiful little bars.

I've always like the rabbit ear bar look, but proportions never seemed right. The either stuck up too much or were way too narrow and straight back making them awkward to actually twist a throttle with.

Well, he made his slightly lower than the last round and wider....aka perfect!?! First thing after mounting them up was lopping 2" off each end of the bars to get the right feel. Then I threw on a gorgeous new brake caliper/master cylinder set up that came from Kim. (more on that on a later date)

re-bled the front brake pretty quickly, but will be putting on new brake lines and throttle cable once the season tells me it is time.

Andy from Pangea Speed on the daily

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