Saturday, November 26, 2011

New York City November

its almost december, yet the weather is holding in epic-ness for a few more days. I haven't ridden the shovel for a bit so I decided to go for a short ride around Gowanus, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Red Hook and then Soho before heading home.

Keino had a few pans at the shop. One of which is Gentry's with the coffin/prism tank. I really like this bike. Its not a 'pretty pan'. It isn't like every socal pan with the wassel peanut, 18" rear, 21" up front and a chrome springer. Its not flashy. And its not really my style, but every time I see it, I want it.

As with most rides I gave myself one goal, get a firewire 800 to firewire 400 adapter. needless to say after looking in a few local 'small businesses', and having no luck, I have decided to order it for $4.00 from a small internet company called amazon.com.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

you really gotta change out that master cylinder. It sticks out like a dick on a fish. Didn't Kim give you one awhile ago?

theoldepro said...

yeah, he did. super nice polished Grimeca. Thing is Chris, we have this thing called WINTER, and in this magical time, you can take your time to do all of the little changes without worrying about getting the bike running that day. Other little things, like mounting a rear brake as well!!

BCM said...

Still no rear brake? You might as well remove the axle nut while your at it.

motoguru. said...

brakey brokey is where it's at!