Monday, November 1, 2010

For Jake

2 things:
If you ever go on a road trip, try to go with Jake Hollywood BoltsAction Hobbs. He has the country's fast food and quickie marts on lock.

Second the QT rules. He introduced me to this a few years ago.


Treats said...

THANK YOU, finally people are catching on to the finer things in life. Matt was lucky enough to get a crash course on QT during the Smoke Out West a few years back.

For those that havent been before: Hook up the best taquitos on the planet, and fountain drink choices for dayzzzzzz.

Thanks Matt for spreading the word, and travel safe on your way to the new homeland.

cpb said...

We nick named the Taquitos BUR-Quitos cause they aren't quite Burritos and they aren't quite Taquitos. BUT THEY ARE AMAZING!

Looks like you and puppy had a safe fun trip. traveling with dogs can be GOOD TIMES.

theoldepro said...

cpb, so glad you're back on the radar in the blog-o-sphere.....!