Monday, November 22, 2010

CB200 - next project potential

yeah, yeah, one bike at a time, I know. I still need to get that cross country shovel done. and with the amount of parts/work left its going to cost me the same amount as buying a CB200, buying raw materials and fabbing the parts. BUT, I can't help but dream about having one of these again, but as a great little city commuter bike.

I've already found a potential donor for around $800 that is located in north Jersey...

Here's a few photos of my 75 that I sold a few years ago:

loved those scrambler pipes

and here's a few for inspirational value:

lean, mean, light and breakneck moped speeds....that's what I'm talking about. and OK, maybe that Green one is a 350 with a 200 tank, but that 2nd one....the grey one, is 100% pure 200cc amazing.

I don't know what it is, but something about those center stands are just amazing. I need to search for one for the sporty.

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Sam said...

...sort of like my cb175. pure moped speed.