Tuesday, October 5, 2010

weekend camping trip

since THIS GUY hasn't given me a name for this weekend's road and camping trip to Montauk, I will dub it the Mo-tauk No Talk Ride.  Why no talk?  because the BEST park of any motorcyle trip with friends is the fact that you can't talk while riding.  Just experiencing the scenery be it beautiful nature or a car on fire while being right next to your buds but unable to say "did you fuckin' see that??".

Anyway, here's a little something that we all should be rocking on these types of weekends though.  It was sent to me by Jon B who somehow found the time to send me the link in between his duties with Tiny Showcase and The Head Light Hotel.


For more info, check out the tents here.  and go to Jon's 2 websites to see some amazing stuff coming out of my favorite little big state, Rhode Island.

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Chris said...

Those are pretty cool!