Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Morning Ride

It was a beautiful sunny October morning. The rain had dried up and the air was clear and crisp and around 62 degrees. With the little bit of east coast moisture, 62 feels more like a west coast 55 or so. I put on my jeans and a hoodie and started the bike when I remembered that my brake light hasn't been working properly in some time now.

30 minutes later, I had this mess on my hands.

2 hours later, I was here. Looks the same. BUT at this point I had diagnosed my two major problems. 1) the 1157 LED bulb's contacts where not connecting to the brake light's terminal in the light's housing. THAT WAS IT! so I switched out the bulb for a regular 1157 and.......NOPE. OK, time to take a deep breathe and reason through it. found out I had a broken wire that was feeding power to the hydraulic brake switch's contact. stock sportster harnesses: blue is the power for your head and tail lights. BUT the orange with white stripe provide power to the accessories. swapped out the wire and we were in businesses.

An hour after that last hickup and things were ready to be put back together.

I got all my wires cleaned up a bit, reshrink wrapped, shortened, etc. Now all that's left is for me to remount my seat and rear fender. Word to the wise. THINK about and PLAN how your shit is put on your bike. My fender is a true test of patience with barely enough room to fit a wrench in and quarter turns at a time room to tighten the bolts. that will be fun.

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