Thursday, April 22, 2010

tonight's quick resto project

terrible picture, I know. I just wanted to post up something that has had a successful result as my other projects have all reached a standstill until I work some shit out. (aka, find more time, money, and make decisions)

This is my 1980's 14x5 Ludwig Acrolite snare drum. While the acrolite was originally sold as a student drum its got a great sound and is now used pretty widely for studio and live work. Its got the great 'black galaxy' finish and has a seamless aluminum shell.

Tonight's work was simple, but needed for years:
Remove the hoops and clean off the rust/oxidation
Replace the broken throw off mechanism with a vintage Ludwig repop version
Clean up the lugs
Replace the heads with Evans heads.

It will be a sweet sweet sound to get this snare back in the mix. While I do love the 68 maple Slingerland snare I've been using, this aluminum black beauty has such a nice natural ring and sustain for rock music. buzz rolls for days!

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