Tuesday, July 24, 2012

October 1990 Easyriders

I was going through the milk crate of 80's and 90's Easyriders and came across a few gems yesterday.  This one stood out in specific.  Look familiar?  Yeah.....what all the "club biker dudes" are building now 22 years later.  I guess good style never goes out of ...umm....errrr.....style.

Here's the takeaway though.  You don't NEED a vintage bike to be rad.  This bike was 10 years old when it was put into this form.  Not a ton of changes, enough to make it work, not just bolt some stuff on, but still, this bike was 10 years old when it was featured.  That would be like having a 2002 bike nowadays....think about it.

Oh and if you know about a priced to sell generator shovel or a pinhead in a swing arm frame.....let me know.  because I still like vintage bikes.

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