Monday, July 2, 2012

clutch woes....or woahs!

I've been staying at the Grand Boyle Hotel this past week while in California and guess what.....?  We talk about motorcycle stuff and parts and changes, etc.  Also, they don't mind when I make the coffee at 5:30am!

I think I might be stealing a 35mm lower tree that he has laying around to install an internal stop onto for my shovel just in case the bearing is super pressed onto the one that is currently on the bike.  I know I've had a helluva time destroying bearings (and stems) from an old wide glide lower tree in the past.

Also, Chris and I were talking about clutches, and the fact that my 4 speed transmission will probably never be fully sealed.  It is what it is, but that doesn't mean that I can't get it adjusted well.  He reminded me of a repost of a post that Kim had about removing one set of the clutch and friction plates from the clutch pack, so I'll be giving that a whirl.

In addition, I found two from the Knucklehead Theology blog.  With these three sources, I (we all) should be able to get those 4 speeds working flawlessly.

BCM: 2009 Repost: Improving the 74 Clutch

The Venerable 4 Speed Clutch, Part I

The Venerable 4 Speed Clutch, Part II

note, I am admitting to lifting and just linking them here.  I am affiliated with BCM (like in the currently bunking up in the guest room and otherwise friends way).  I am NOT affiliated with the gospel on Knucklehead Theology.  Although sometimes I've read the religious posts wondering if there will be a twist and referring to a motorcycle in a hyperbolic way.....you know like the resurrection.....of a motor that has been rebuilt?  no?

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