Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is my 3rd time in Zurich and so far the best.  I've never had much time here to explore anything other than the 3 blocks or so around my hotels when I've visited so this is a nice departure.  Spent the day yesterday walking, talking, and meeting people.  It was great.  At 400,000 people, its the biggest city in Switzerland.  So larger than Providence, RI but smaller than Portland, OR.  I chose these two cities because they also have a river running through them.

My favorite part is all of the seating and hanging out areas that they have created along the river.  People just post up, lay out, and hang out along the water. They have diving platforms, swimming areas, and little docks that overhang the water throughout the entire city, from the Lake at the end all the way down to the west end where all the punks hang out.

The architecture here ranges from 13th century to mid 20th century modern.  All in the same block.  Its quite fantastic to take in.

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