Friday, June 22, 2012

Euromotos Zurich

Another shop that I wandered into was right behind the Triumph dealer.  I thought at first that it was just their in-house mechanics, but then I realized that they are a separate custom shop. 

It was almost like, "buy you bike THERE, and then bring it HERE and we'll make it cool".

After poking around, I introduced myself to Mischa Ernes, who is one of the owners of Euromotos Zurich.  We talked about bikes, riding, etc, and then he showed me one of his favorite builds.  It was in the middle of the shop and I couldn't get any good pictures of it, so he emailed me a few pics that he took himself. 

One of the really cool details was this little speedo that he bought from a  company in Germany.  I couldn't zoom in to see the name, but I'll get it.  A really nice way to keep your knowledge of your speed without the stock one.  This bike was just clean all around.  And while the changes weren't major, it made the bike look great.

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