Wednesday, April 11, 2012

hub'a hubba.....home home

1:11am....just getting home from hours at the shop after a regular work day.

sometimes you need to know when to call it a night.

In the attempt to solve my transmission leak, I bought some James Gaskets kits and figured this would be easy enough.  Remove the clutch basket, belt and then take off the clutch hub and support bracket to get to the main shaft seal and nut.  well, i'll be damned.  Couldn't get the clutch hub off.  I don't have a gear puller or the special harley tool for this but tried every other option that I could come up with.  Each one ending in more frustration and disbelief that I wasn't going to get these gaskets replaced tonight.

I distinctly remember removing one of these hubs with Kim back in the old shop.  We had installed the puller and kept tightening it, giving slight taps along the way, and it wouldn't budge.  Just as we pulled our heads away from a close inspection....POP! bang, it pulled off with furious rage and hit the ground.  I remember thinking that it probably would have hurt had it popped off with my big nose in the way.... I'm guessing it will be the same this time around once I get that gear puller tomorrow or Friday.