Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clutch Hub Pulling

Tuesday Night:

Clutch Hub Puller arrived, so head straight to the shop after work.
Get bike on the lift, grab the tools I'll need.
Install the puller on the clutch hub.
Tighten center Bolt until there a great amount of tension.
Spray some lubricating/anti seize oil up in there.
Tap head of center bolt lightly with a mallet.
Pick up hub and puller off the ground.
Look at the enemy tapered shaft.
I win this one.
Wow, sheared the damn key in half.
Realized I ordered the wrong main seal for the transmission.

Need to stop for the night. Nothing more I can do.
Take bike off life, put away tools.
Walk home defeated.  
Search out what parts I need now.  
Turns out my tranny is a 1980 model that uses a rubber seal specific to 2 years.
Order correct seal and a few other small bits. 
Sleep for a few hours.  
Work day starts again. 
Bike is one tiny step further than it was when I woke up yesterday. 

With every step forward, there is a step backward.
With every step backward, there is some learning to be done.
Without this, there could be no forward again.
While it is frustrating at the moment something else goes wrong/different, the lessons learned will last forever.
I'd rather have the knowledge of knowing how to fix things than leave this to someone else.


Mark said...

you just summarized every step of this triumph build I've been working on. Can you imagine this without the internet?

Flatironmike said...

free help just 35 mins away. say the word. werd