Monday, March 5, 2012

Main Seal Replacement

The shovel has been leaking oil since its second or third ride.  After cleaning it a bunch and watching where the oil was coming from, it looked like the main seal on the crankshaft was the culprit.  Not too bad to get to, just remove the front pulley and belt, pull off spacers, pull off the rotor (magnets are strong!), unscrew the stator, then mangle the existing seal and pull it out. 

I hope this works.  After reviewing what needed to be done with big Oscar in National City and leaving his garage with the new seal in hand a few months ago, he advised me to try installing the seal backwards (cup side out) since I'm running an open belt.  WELL, that's what I did, so we'll see if it works. Too late now...

Most of the time its me, my clymer guide, a few texts or phone calls and my two buddies trial and error.  Maybe this is what I love about it all.  Learning as you go.  If it worked, then you applied what you knew or learned.  If it didn't, then you will learn, albeit with extra time and money.

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