Friday, January 13, 2012

Orchard Street Sunday

this past Saturday's weather was epic for January in New York.  Warm and sunny, the city was alive with smiles, people eating outside at restaurants, post-holiday sales, and perfect riding conditions.  Unfortunately, I chose to ride the subway all day, but that's ok, I made up for it on Sunday when it was 20  degrees colder, d'oh!

after hanging out with Cicero, I headed into the city to Selfedge to check out their goods and then headed up to watch the Giants game at Adam and Alina's place on the UWS.

But I had to snap a few pics of A.J.'s beautiful shovel parked across the street from where I stopped first.  I swear, seeing other bikes that you like is like nothing else.  If you're a bike owner you know what I'm talking about.  Nothing else matters, you walk up to it, check it out, look at the details, don't say a word but just smile and then move on.  maybe snap a few pics.  But you can't NOT do that.  You have to look.....and I love it.

so I did just that.....walked over, looked, squatted next to it, checked out the little bips and bops, took a few pictures and kept on my journey.  Rode up 6th and 8th aves, and it was a fun few hour jaunt.  

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BCM said...

Love that bike!