Tuesday, January 24, 2012


...unread emails in my gmail inbox.  This would drive Comp crazy if he knew.  I've had this email address for a while, but wow, that's carazee.  At this point, I'm not going to get to them.  oops.  Took a much needed day to handle some personal business and at the end of the afternoon decided to start the shovel up and take 'er for a spin around Park Slope in the 50 degree January weather.

On my way back to Manhattan to catch Nada Surf though, the bike stalled at a traffic light and wouldn't start.  nothing.  key off, kick 3 times, key on, twist throttle 3 times, kick.  rinse, repeat with enricher knob up.  rinse repeat.  rinse.  SWEATING.  I even had a few passers-by stop and watch.  Because that ALWAYS helps!  Luckily for everyone around nobody was a "mechanic" and told me that it was probably flooded.  They just watched and let me mumble to myself in peace knowing that this was going to be an easy fix.

the kicker/clutch started slipping again when kicked so that HAD to be it.  broke out the tool roll and fixed that. Much better engagement now.  BUT still no starting.  

Even tried pop starting it down 15th street, but nothing.  you know what?  out of gas.  yep.  the low gas light didn't go on to warn me.  dummy.  the sound of the picture below was this: "shush, shush, shush, shush..." go ahead and say it either out loud or in your head.  make that sound.  the "shush, shush, shush, shush" of my front brake rotor rubbing slightly on the pads.

put a few dollars of gas in, and voila, gas filter filled up with gas, carb got some liquid gold and key off, kick three times, key on, twist throttle 3 times, kick...BAM WHAM NOISE!  started right up.  I'll say it again.....dummy.  It's usually the easy stuff.  Luckily I wasn't late to the show.


Mark said...

Happens to the best of us. I had my first bike towed to a buddy's garage... no gas. I now regularly check. What's up with the mirror set up you are using? Did you thread one to fit your top tree?

Chris said...

Bikes a waves, highest highs and humblest times. everyone thats ever ridden any length is grinning cause we all tell the same stories

theoldepro said...

we're all too smart for our own good when we break down haha.. Mark, for the mirror, it is threaded into the top tree's side threaded hole.
and chris, yeah man, I had this huge frustrating/happy grin when I realized I was sweating and cursing trying to "fix" the problem and then just looked in the gas tank and fuel filter and saw they were dry. after i filled 'er back up, the ride 2 blocks to the garage was among the best feelings yet again!

Flatironmike said...

hey! just read this (albeit a bit late). 'low gas light'???