Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American made con't

Today, I'll keep it simple.

New Balance.  They have a separate link to their made in USA and assembled in USA products and a great little video about the town in Maine that makes them.   Hey the official shoe of the hardcore scene can't be that wrong...

and I'll continue with Maine.

Quoddy.  Chukka's, Bluchers, Oxfords, Boots, and more. All hand made to order.  that's right, they start production on your shoes AFTER you order.  

and yes, some of these products are STILL more expensive than you want to spend. But with rebuildable, re-craftable items like these that can actually be sent back to either the manufacturer to be re-HAND worked on by a cobbler in your town to resole or refinish, the value is there.

The truth is, I don't NEED 40 pairs of shoes/sneakers if the 4, 5, or 6 that I own fit right, are comfortable and last for years...

and that is coming from an ex-sneaker head(ish) person.  Its not easy thinning out the herd of shoes that you want to keep around 'just incase I need them'.  But they'll probably have more value and be more appreciated after being donated to someone in need of a SINGLE pair of used shoes than sitting in your closet collecting dust.

yes, this will continue.  No, I'm not on a rampage.  This is just the way I think.

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