Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ride to Skate or Ride to Ride

it was a later start to the day than ideal, but at around 8pm, Walter and I hit the road to Philly. Our goal was to get down there, maybe catch one of the bands, say hi to the Dice Magazine guys, hand out some flyers for an upcoming event and ride back home.

We hauled ass down there. The best part about riding without speedometers is the conversation like this:

walter: "man, how fast do you think we were riding?"
me: "I dunno, maybe like 70?"
walter: "riiiiiight....."

all I had was my iphone camera so here's 3 crap pictures.

brian from HOTW panhead built by love cycles.

I haven't really found the love for trumpets, but this one was well done. plus my brother in law, Michael Thursby was fa-reaking out about it, so it must be good.

Philly knows how to ride 2-Up. I've never seen it like this in california. Definitely inspirational to have that back seat and a sissy bar.
After 8 hours and some great laughs, and some intense fog, our complete round trip voyage from Walter's shop back to Brooklyn was complete. i'm tired.

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motoguru. said...

That's Joe Zito's Triumph. Thing is pretty darn nice.