Monday, May 2, 2011


I’m not much of a numbers guy….actually, I sort of am.  But, anyway, this blog started a while ago and was really done so my mom could keep tabs on me when I was traveling the world for work.  Basically, a way for her to see that I was not dead without me having to call her to let her know.

Well, today, the blog has hit 48,800 pageviews.  Sure there’s a ton of other statistics that make that number smaller and tie it into repeat visits in the same day and all, but I just never thought that from June of 2010 when I loaded this little program that I would see an interest like this into my little world formerly known as my space.  (not THE myspace….but like, my space…you know)

The google analytics program is pretty amazing.  It shows you how many hits, by day, by country with a crazy fun map that you can dial into even further.  Down to the state, down to the town and basically as far as you want to go.  And I gotta say….California and Utah, New York is giving you some competition as of lately.  I thought San Diego and SLC would always be up there, but New York City is giving you a run for your money as of lately.

Maybe we’ll have a little party when the 50,000 mark is hit. 


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motoguru. said...

i remember when i first installed GA i was stoked to see 20-30 people coming by. now i average 400/day. i wonder what kind of numbers COC gets?

Eugene said...
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Jeremy said...

98% is the government watching your every move! the other 2% is me 250 times a day! I know, I am pathetic!