Sunday, February 13, 2011

shavin' grams

I've never liked the stock sportster pegs that came on my bike, but at the same time never just took the time to make something different. Yesterday I finally just went to the shop with the goal of using the passenger pegs instead of the stockers. But when I put them on, I noticed they were way too wide, so out came the grinder and the shortening began.

the left side stock peg.

I removed the rubber from both the stock front and the passenger peg thinking that since the actual casting is shorter on the stock piece, I could just cut down the rubber from the passenger peg and slide it on and maybe be done with it. Problem is the offset from the clevis mount on the stock peg with the passenger rubber would look shitty.
lopped of about 3/4" to start.

Since I was getting rid of the mushroom end shape that was on the peg's axle, I then broke out the hammer and started working the end back into a slight mushroom end to help capture the rubber. This was about 5 hits into it. there were about 20 more after this.

In total, 5 ribs worth were cut off of the width of the rubber.

unfortunately, my first pass wasn't short enough for my liking, and Henry easily talked me into going shorter so the picture below shows the first shortening (3/4") of an inch and then my final product which is about 1 1/2" shorter than stock. sorry, no stock length picture.

the two pics below show the two different lengths. Shorter and ShorterER below.

much better. quick, easy, fun saturday project is done. There is still plenty of surface for my feet being that the clevis mounts stick out a good deal as well. Now if only my battery weren't dead, I could actually take it out for a ride. Pressed the starter button and all I got was the click, click, click sound. Could be the battery, the starter relay, or the starter itself. fun times.


BCM said...

is this a performance mod?

A battery tender is a winter friend.

theoldepro said...

100% performance.

Tall Tony said...

very slick, slick.