Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Day - time for a break

well the day/moment had come yesterday where I finally had to accept the fact that this shovel was not going to get finished before I left for the east coast. Overall, I'm pleased with where everything is. There is still a lot of work to be done and a final direction to figure out, but compared to what this bike was the day it was picked up in crates and pieces in the back Chris'struck to where it is now is a pretty good sign of more fun times to come.

the day the bike came home

the day I left the bike for a new home

more to come on how the build will proceed, but it will definitely be a bi-coastal thing for a bit. I should be sleeping. flight leaves in 6 hours.


BCM said...

There's going to be a big hole in the shop now.
Enjoy the city.


good luck Matt, sorry I did'nt have more time to chat the other night--s.a.

Chris said...

Sweet and sour day for sure but I like that the bike is still here to get done.