Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day in the Hudson Valley

Woke up, ate some everything bagels, picked up the sporster from Kickstart Cycle Supply, dealt with cops as my dads car got hit by a lady pulling a 'hit and run' while getting my bike, rode to my mom's house, ate some fruit with her, then rode back to dad and Jackie's place.

then proceeded to get stung by a yellowjacket on my temple riding up my dad's driveway.

still, overall, not a bad day.

evidence that Matt was near my bike before or right after the Gypsy Run

Marc L putting the air cleaner cover back on the CB350

new parking spot for now. garage buddies.

Thanks again to Walter for letting me keep my bike at your place while I timetravelled from West to East and for making me laugh this morning. good people for sure.

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