Monday, June 15, 2009

the wave

I'm not sure if I'M the jerk in the situation or what.....BUT I just don't feel obligated to 'wave' to fellow motorcycle riders when I'm riding. Especially other Harley dudes, but even the street bike crowd. I'm not purposely avoiding it, but I'll notice it sometimes that some dude going the other way in traffic will be almost flagging me down to wave, so if that happens I might lift my left hand off my grip and give a peace sign or something....

OK, I do totally avoid the guys with the mohawk helmets, that I can admit, unless of course its DMX and the Ruff Ryders, cause then I'll stop and just chit chat it up with them.

so, are we the New Jeeps? I know harley guys have been waving to eachother probably longer than bros with CJ7's, but are we obligated? Is it something that we must do? I think not, but still I feel bad if I think that some other idiot now thinks that I purposely avoided it.

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vader said...

2 wheels on the ground BRO!