Monday, June 29, 2009

ride comin' up and getting the bike ready

all the blogs are blowing up with bike updates, helmets, fun stuff, and it's making me excited about this weekend's ride to Vegas and then back to socal to Huntington Beach. Jake did an amazing job first with his sporty and now his Moto 3 as well. Makes me want to paint my old full face, but the evel knievel job on there is just too perfectly cheesy/radical to strip off for now.

here's a few of the latest pics of the bike. newer-ish short rear fender. It was the front fender, but chopped it short, bent it a bit to make it slightly wider....looks pretty good, cracked the paint a bit, but there's still the other half of the front fender that i can get it right with.

sorta aerial view with the chopped fender struts. I can go shorter with them, but for now they are good.

and of course the evel knishel

yes knish

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TRJJ said...

Please don't paint that helmet, SOO good as is!