Monday, February 16, 2009

movie star life would be good

Yeah, this is pretty much like my average day......oh, you have to work at a day job?  that must be terrible.  but i've pretty much been living my life the Jake Gyllenhaal style, so i'm good at least.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s daily regimen would make the fittest person you know cry.
Fitness expert Simon Waterson prescribed this daily regimen to build the normally lithe Jake Gyllenhaal into a hulking warrior for Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time! We personally can’t wait to reap all the benefits of this new lifestyle….starting tomorrow of course.

5.30am Pre-workout snack: half a banana, some nuts and an espresso.

6am An hour-and-a-half cardio outdoors workout while wearing a 20lb flak jacket to simulate the weight of armour. Interval training - 10min uphill sprint, followed by abs exercises, eg, sit-ups, at the top of the hill. Repeat sequence five times, then a 10min run, followed by stretching exercises.

7.30am An egg-white omelette, a small protein shake and an isotonic drink to replenish salts lost during training.

Lunch Baked potato with tuna and salad.

6-7pm An hour of resistance training using cables to simulate sword fights, pull-ups, press-ups, abs exercises using weights; finish with stretching.

7-8pm: An hour-long deep tissue massage

Dinner: Soup and a protein shake

Snacks/supplements Two litres of water, protein bars, dark chocolate, supplements rich in omega-3, 6 and 9. No foods containing refined sugar, occasional glass of wine allowed.-SOURCE

9-12 Make Jake feel good time.

you notice all the time dedicated to actual work?  no??  exactly.  not bad.

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Tyler Nelson said...

9-12p: sex with reese witherspoon/
i wouldn't complain/