Wednesday, February 18, 2009

work is work, motorcycles are fun

a wise man knows that.

this week in Italy has been crazy so far in terms of getting shit done.  crazy good to start, then crazy bad, then crazy good again.  then crazy productive, then just crazy busy.  i've got a ton of projects working on tons of different products at the same time, and i'm pretty sure that I'm not the best multi tasker.  

I admit it, I get overwhelmed and without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I get stressed.  I know it will be all good, but I don't look forward to being too busy to have fun.  so lets just have fun, shall we?

so here's two (update, three) pics.  first one is how the sporty is currently rolling.  second one is my plan for the next overhaul.  then a little fender p-shopped on as well.

I'm diggin it.....you dig?  and with a fender option below.....? maybe?  

1 comment:

CPB said...

I love it. GOT TO HAVE A FENDER! You take a bad bounce and end up on the tire while the bike is rolling no matter how slow and it is game over...

On a much lighter note. I MISS YOUR FACE! Are you coming to SLC anytime soon?