Monday, March 21, 2016

can't stop, won't stop

got some bars bent up by Arie Vee.  They are 6" rise.  Preunit bend and sort of a Stellings and Hellings back and down bend.   I like them.  Now to decide if they should be PC Black or Chromed.  The height seems just right.  No more big chopper bars on this mini bike.

OH, and then also took off the full size Ppad and replaced it with a Little Guy version.  I remember when I had the whole 2 car garage to myself.  that was nice space-wise.  Now, Cicero and I are cramped in 'almost' a full 1 car garage amount of space with construction equipment slowly encroaching.  Hard to beat ANY space in Brooklyn though.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good seeing you at NOTT. Bike looked the business. Drop me your email when you get a chance: liammirving@gmail.com